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16 October 2008 @ 10:31 pm
FILM: トライガン ("Trigun")
DIRECTED BY: Nishimura Satoshi
RELEASED IN: 1998 (Japan)

As you can learn from the Wikipedia entry on the subject, the Trigun anime series is based on a manga of the same name by Yasuhiro Nightow, whose name I do not entirely understand. Originally published in Shonen Capitain magazine from 1995 on, it was renamed and continued in Young King Ours magazine, after Shonen Capitain met with it's rather untimely end. For some reason, it was renamed "Trigun Maximum" when this exchange of venue took place, but the story was nontheless continued as if it's publication had never stopped. The series ended in 2007, just under ten years after the anime was produced.

For this reason, the Trigun anime and the Trigun manga are rather dissimilar entities, which is not altogether uncommon - both are considered classics by American fans. The anime aired twenty-six episodes when it ran, and a movie is planned for release in 2009, according to AnimeKon. It is famous as having a sort of "space cowboy" theme to it, which leaves room for a lot of skanky outfits and cool guns. Trigun is also home to a cast of vibrant characters including, but not limited to, Vash the Stampede, Meryl Stryfe, and Milly Thompson.

Because this anime was released so long ago (ha, long ago - like nine years is that much time) we will be watching it on VHS tape which, unfortunately, is dubbed over in English. However, I ask that members watch the episodes studiously and join us after the last episode on the tape for a Socratic seminar on English dubbing and why we like subbing better.

RATING: ♥♥♥♥
02 October 2008 @ 10:55 am
So, as I will announce today, Ms. Pare has decided that - although Anime Club's physical paperwork was turned in on time - it will not exist as a club this semester because the electronic copies were neglected. Of course we will continue to meet unofficially as a group every Thursday in the Japanese room until she decides to reverse her decision; all that this means is that, for the moment, we will not have to turn in minutes.
08 September 2008 @ 09:10 pm
FILM: 下妻物語 ("Shimotsuma Monogatari"); Kamikaze Girls
DIRECTED BY: Nakashima Tetsuya
RELEASED IN: 2004 (Japan) / 2006 (US)

Based on the novel by Novala Takemoto, Kamikaze Girls is easily one of my favorite Japanese movies of all time. The story focuses in on the facets of two very different Japanese subcultures through the view of two equally different girls: Ryugasaki Momoko is an indifferent, somewhat cold-hearted fan of Lolita fashion of which I'm sure the majority of our female members are well acquainted; Shirayuri "Ichiko" Ichigo is, alternately, a brash, headstrong, unintelligent yanki. Slowly (and hilariously) the unlikely pair become best friends, and end up ultimately changing one another's lives for the better.

The movie's already-awesome storyline is only amplified by it's two leading ladies. Fukada Kyoko, who plays Momoko, and Tsuchiya Anna, who plays Ichigo, are both very well-known in Japan, and also hppen to be very talented, good-looking actresses.

If you think this sounds too much like a chick flick, then you're mistaken. (Here's looking at you, boys.) Kamikaze Girls is, albeit, a little girly for some guy's tastes, but it's also hilarious, and includes several completely awesome scenes that you'll enjoy.

Make sure to stop by and watch it with us. :3

RATING: ♥♥♥♥♥
08 September 2008 @ 08:52 pm
Hello all! President Hannah here~ This is a test and welcoming entry to any and all of our new members. Thank you for joining Anime Club! We are so glad to have you. For all of our returning members, we would like to welcome you back, and hope you had a very epic summer. Because what is summer if not epic? ...over?

If any of you are inexperienced with LiveJournal, it operates a lot like MySpace, but is a lot cooler and does not have sexual diseases. Like any other blog site, you can comment to a post or make your own. Following this test entry, I will be making one on Kamikaze Girls (in Japanese: 下妻物語 or "Shimotsuma Monogatari"), the movie we will be watching this month.

Please feel free to reply to this entry. :3
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17 September 2007 @ 09:34 pm
Hello there again, everyone~ (It's been a long time, huh?) I hope everyone's doing alright? School's getting harder all the time, I know. KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT, YEAH. Anyway, one of your presidents here to keep you up-to-speed as far as Club Week goes. (We definitely want to keep you posted.)

I hope everyone was able to find our table today? We'll be set up in the same place tomorrow; we're located very near the ramp leading out of the quad toward the gym. Feel free to cosplay and advertise for us. (We would much appreciate it.) Here's a list of what we'll be selling tomorrow:

Onigiri; one hundred percent homemade and healthy. They're way within the calorie limit, we guarantee it. ♥

Manga; Anime Club is currently in position of a rather ginormous bag of lightly used manga in what is pretty much mint condition. All these volumes be up for sale both today and tomorrow. We will also be selling the entire Girl Got Game series, among other manga we've had donated by club members.

Anime; so far, all that we have to sell in this particular realm of merchandise is a very nice-looking DVD of the one and only Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie. This might lead us to waiting to try and sell anime until Wednesday, when we've collected more of it, or (atleast) know for certain that no further donations will be coming in.

This leads me to my next topic - member no minasama! Please, please, please - donate to us! There is no better way to help we club administrators through Club Week than by loading us up with more free merchandise than we know what to do with. Bring in anything: lightly used manga, anime DVDs, video games, anime plushies, posters, doujinshi. Anything that you feel like handing off to us is something we can probably use. If you want to donate to us, please meet with one of our club administrators (Mari, Sam, Scarlett, or myself) before fourth period on club days to give them what you have. If you can't find them, feel free to put your donations on the table in the far side of the Japanese room (A214) - just make sure you do it before fourth period.

Please don't hesitate to cosplay and advertise! Any help you can get us is help that we need and will be grateful for. We won't need any help behind the booth, but to have you milling through the crowds, stirring up gossip of how amazingly good our food is (nudge nudge wink wink) is everything we could ever ask of you. (Big thanks to Katlyn for kicking off the week well with an InuYasha cameo appearance - you looked great!)

Additionally, play nice with other clubs. Just for the record, we are competing to outsell them, but not to beat them up or anything. They're composed of relatively good people, not unlike yourselves; even if your competitive side comes out, strive to play the better person and be kind to your fellows.

On a completely unrelated note, this book was found in the Japanese room by Miko-sensei - does it, perchance, belong to one of our members?
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13 September 2007 @ 06:14 pm
Hello, Scarlett here.

Figured I'd let anyone watching know what has been going on as of recent.

Recently, the administrators of this club had panicked because we had thought we were on Probation. This has been cleared, we're good to go for Club Week and such. We are taking attendence each meeting every Friday. Tomorrow is Friday.

Note to Ha-chan: don't forget the Furuba this time, ne?

Oh, and a suggestion to all those who wish to participate in the local Club Week. We are only allowed to have three people out and about with the stand. Not the millions we had last time. Voulzer will be very sore with us if we do this.

First Day - Monday - Information Day: Participants are welcome to cosplay, or dress up special for this day. You may cosplay on the other days as well, if you feel neccessary.

Second Day - Tuesday - Sell Day: We are only allowed to sell food that meets the Govenator's criteria. So, we are likely to be selling only manga, dvds, and other things that we can think of. If you have anything that you are willing to sacrifice that is Japanese/Media related, that would be welcome. We'll possibly bring Ha-chan's rice cooker this day.

Third Day - Wednesday - Final Day: Please note that this is Back to School Night-Day. This is a very short day. However, because of this schedual, we are allowed to sell whatever we wish, food-wise, after school. We will be selling white rice with condiments using Ha-chan's rice cooker. It would be appriciated if a few willing members would help out after school when we'll be selling if possible to your agenda.

Please do not be afraid to speak with myself, Ha-chan, Mari-san, or even Sam-chan. Talk to Will-kun if you feel he is more friendly. But if you wish to participate or sell items, please tell us somehow (e-mail's good too) and find a way to bring your support to Club Week. We are really relying on this event to boost our budget.

See ya guys, tomorrow.

Sleep well.
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24 August 2007 @ 10:35 pm
Thankyou so much to everyone who attended our meeting today! It was so fantastic to have such a large turnout for the first ever meeting of the year - whoo! Thankyou to Ms. Volzer, too, for being so kind as to host us.

Everyone who filled out a member slip, thankyou. If you provided me with your e-mail, I will be hitting you up with a message later this weekend to say that you have been added to the contact list. It's really just to make sure I've copied the address down right. There was a strangely low amount of provided e-mails but hey, not a crime, guys, not a crime, and I'm a little worried about everyone getting one. I'll make sure to print another stack of them for next week just in case a few of you happen to tell friends.

If you did not manage to make it to the first meeting, you didn't miss as much as you think you did; club officers were expecting to work mostly with members we already knew, and a few attentive freshman (hence why I was so surprised by the huge turnout today). This year's Anime Club will be incredibly more organized which was the main topic of discussion - something that (if you weren't here in years past) we've definitely been lacking until now. We're hoping that by assimilating some of our policies, by organizing ourselves and giving the club some structure we will make it all the better for everyone, officers and members alike. The products of this organizational reform include this website, the monthly AniKura! newsletter, the new system for showing anime and collecting contact information, ect. Everything you missed can easily be addressed by simple visits to this website and its more official sister (which is still in the making). Don't worry about a thing - just make sure to come to our meeting next week.

To go backwards, I would elaborate that our new 'anime showing system' (do not make that into an acronym if you respond to this - I'm only warning you once) will consist of showing one series or movie per month, instead of watching a segment of a different one each week. We hope that this will help raise your awareness of the Japanese media world as a whole, and allow you to get deep enough into the series we judge it properly. Twenty minutes isn't usually enough to tell you whether or not you really like something - a net collection of almost two hours is.

For month of August-September (and yes we're combining them for convenience's sake) we will be showing Fruit's Basket. If everything goes according to plan, we should be able to get through almost three episodes of it before October.

Unless conditions change, we will be having our next meeting this coming Friday in our regular meeting classroom, A214. For those who don't know, that's Kumagai-sensei's Japanese classroom - it's on the second floor of the A-Wing, and most of us can get you there if you really need assistance. We aren't planning to talk as much next meeting, and we should get atleast halfway through the first episode of Furuba if we only take about the first ten minutes to talk. Get there as quickly as you can - the less time of yours we have to take, the more time we can watch, yeah? ;D

Thankyou everyone for showing up - keep an eye on your e-mail, and comment to this message if you have any questions or comments on anything Anime Club related. ♥
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23 August 2007 @ 02:37 pm
As you might've heard broadcasted in the Daily Bulletin today, our first official meeting will be held this Friday in D-5. Miko-sensei is going to be out of town, and we aren't allowed to have official meetings (like the one we're planning) without an advisor of some sort presiding over them. Usually, we will meet in the new Japanese room - A214 - but make sure to watch the bulletins (and this site!) for regular updates, just in case.

If you've heard about the meeting tomorrow please make sure you are in attendance! We will not be watching anything, but your attendance is definitely vital to your club leaders, as we will be requesting that you all fill out the form that I've uploaded here. I will summarize the meeting in an entry here just in case you are unable to attend, but please try your best to be there. We will be discussing many things including the new AniKura! monthly newsletter (soon to be uploaded), our new system of showing animes, and be taking requests as to which series people want to see this year. We will also be talking about Club Week, potential fund raisers, and this site, among other things.

The SEPTEMBER SCHEDULE will be uploaded tomorrow, following the meeting.

See you there!
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21 August 2007 @ 05:12 pm


I trust everybody's summer break was decent in one way or another? Lady Lamb (your big macho Junior of a President!) speaking - how about the website, minna? It's not the best thing, admittedly, but it's definitely ours and it makes my insides sparkle. I'll do my very best to get the word out about this place so everyone starts getting the words as soon as they come out of my mouth (or flow through my fingers, as the case may be). The Anime Club plans on being a lot more active this year; I've got a much bigger commitment to it, and I'm only too glad to have the opportunity to pal around with you guys again! (You all seriously rock. I missed you. ♥)

In anticipation of a much quicker, more reliable pace, this site will allow me to post constant updates at my leisure; I'm a total LiveJournal fanatic in case no one noticed, and I'm not close to telling any one of you that getting an account of your own would be a bad idea. Quite to the contrary, actually. I really value the internet as a vital communication device, and the service is completely free. (And sometimes I like being able to talk to my friends at length about things without having any real interruptions. ♥) But that's the end of my advertising, I swear; any one of you who doesn't want to join can easily post from any computer with internet access. You'll come up as anonymous, so if you plan to comment using this method, just make sure to tell us who you are. That's really all there is to it.

I was hoping that everybody would be able to use this as a forum of conversation - I could post things and get your opinions on them without having to take up any valuable meeting time to do so! That means more anime for you and less worrying for me, which is relatively excellent if I do say so myself.

So...everyone say hello to the new LiveJournal community! I'll be making a few more mod posts after this one, and then I might post a bit of stuff on today's crazy upside-down cake club meeting, and (if I've gotten in contact with Mari and the rest of my crew by then) maybe the August-September schedule. (Yes, WE REALLY HAVE ONE THIS YEAR! &heart; ♥ ♥) I hope everyone likes it, and I hope to see all of you at the first meeting of the year this Friday, the twenty-fifth of August.

Your President
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21 August 2007 @ 05:03 pm
This is the official LiveJournal site for Mira Loma Highschool's Anime Club - we meet once every Friday in the Japanese room. If you are a new member, or are unable to locate the Japanese room (it's been relocated yet again), please feel free to e-mail or otherwise contact the club leaders listed below:

C L U B L E A D E R S;


Hannah "Lady" Lamb

Mari Super-Awesome

Scarlett O'hara

Sam Carnage

Also, don't be afraid to really on information provided by the marquee in the hall, or the information posted on the profile page of this community. We promise to be as reliable and up-to-speed with public announcements as we possibly can be this year. We intend to keep up this year without fail - hopefuly, we will be more on top of the ball this time around than any other.