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24 August 2007 @ 10:35 pm
[ L A M B ] Welcome to September~!  
Thankyou so much to everyone who attended our meeting today! It was so fantastic to have such a large turnout for the first ever meeting of the year - whoo! Thankyou to Ms. Volzer, too, for being so kind as to host us.

Everyone who filled out a member slip, thankyou. If you provided me with your e-mail, I will be hitting you up with a message later this weekend to say that you have been added to the contact list. It's really just to make sure I've copied the address down right. There was a strangely low amount of provided e-mails but hey, not a crime, guys, not a crime, and I'm a little worried about everyone getting one. I'll make sure to print another stack of them for next week just in case a few of you happen to tell friends.

If you did not manage to make it to the first meeting, you didn't miss as much as you think you did; club officers were expecting to work mostly with members we already knew, and a few attentive freshman (hence why I was so surprised by the huge turnout today). This year's Anime Club will be incredibly more organized which was the main topic of discussion - something that (if you weren't here in years past) we've definitely been lacking until now. We're hoping that by assimilating some of our policies, by organizing ourselves and giving the club some structure we will make it all the better for everyone, officers and members alike. The products of this organizational reform include this website, the monthly AniKura! newsletter, the new system for showing anime and collecting contact information, ect. Everything you missed can easily be addressed by simple visits to this website and its more official sister (which is still in the making). Don't worry about a thing - just make sure to come to our meeting next week.

To go backwards, I would elaborate that our new 'anime showing system' (do not make that into an acronym if you respond to this - I'm only warning you once) will consist of showing one series or movie per month, instead of watching a segment of a different one each week. We hope that this will help raise your awareness of the Japanese media world as a whole, and allow you to get deep enough into the series we judge it properly. Twenty minutes isn't usually enough to tell you whether or not you really like something - a net collection of almost two hours is.

For month of August-September (and yes we're combining them for convenience's sake) we will be showing Fruit's Basket. If everything goes according to plan, we should be able to get through almost three episodes of it before October.

Unless conditions change, we will be having our next meeting this coming Friday in our regular meeting classroom, A214. For those who don't know, that's Kumagai-sensei's Japanese classroom - it's on the second floor of the A-Wing, and most of us can get you there if you really need assistance. We aren't planning to talk as much next meeting, and we should get atleast halfway through the first episode of Furuba if we only take about the first ten minutes to talk. Get there as quickly as you can - the less time of yours we have to take, the more time we can watch, yeah? ;D

Thankyou everyone for showing up - keep an eye on your e-mail, and comment to this message if you have any questions or comments on anything Anime Club related. ♥
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