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13 September 2007 @ 06:14 pm
Hello, Scarlett here.

Figured I'd let anyone watching know what has been going on as of recent.

Recently, the administrators of this club had panicked because we had thought we were on Probation. This has been cleared, we're good to go for Club Week and such. We are taking attendence each meeting every Friday. Tomorrow is Friday.

Note to Ha-chan: don't forget the Furuba this time, ne?

Oh, and a suggestion to all those who wish to participate in the local Club Week. We are only allowed to have three people out and about with the stand. Not the millions we had last time. Voulzer will be very sore with us if we do this.

First Day - Monday - Information Day: Participants are welcome to cosplay, or dress up special for this day. You may cosplay on the other days as well, if you feel neccessary.

Second Day - Tuesday - Sell Day: We are only allowed to sell food that meets the Govenator's criteria. So, we are likely to be selling only manga, dvds, and other things that we can think of. If you have anything that you are willing to sacrifice that is Japanese/Media related, that would be welcome. We'll possibly bring Ha-chan's rice cooker this day.

Third Day - Wednesday - Final Day: Please note that this is Back to School Night-Day. This is a very short day. However, because of this schedual, we are allowed to sell whatever we wish, food-wise, after school. We will be selling white rice with condiments using Ha-chan's rice cooker. It would be appriciated if a few willing members would help out after school when we'll be selling if possible to your agenda.

Please do not be afraid to speak with myself, Ha-chan, Mari-san, or even Sam-chan. Talk to Will-kun if you feel he is more friendly. But if you wish to participate or sell items, please tell us somehow (e-mail's good too) and find a way to bring your support to Club Week. We are really relying on this event to boost our budget.

See ya guys, tomorrow.

Sleep well.
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