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08 September 2008 @ 09:10 pm
[ L A M B ] 下妻物語 → my favorite film. :3  
FILM: 下妻物語 ("Shimotsuma Monogatari"); Kamikaze Girls
DIRECTED BY: Nakashima Tetsuya
RELEASED IN: 2004 (Japan) / 2006 (US)

Based on the novel by Novala Takemoto, Kamikaze Girls is easily one of my favorite Japanese movies of all time. The story focuses in on the facets of two very different Japanese subcultures through the view of two equally different girls: Ryugasaki Momoko is an indifferent, somewhat cold-hearted fan of Lolita fashion of which I'm sure the majority of our female members are well acquainted; Shirayuri "Ichiko" Ichigo is, alternately, a brash, headstrong, unintelligent yanki. Slowly (and hilariously) the unlikely pair become best friends, and end up ultimately changing one another's lives for the better.

The movie's already-awesome storyline is only amplified by it's two leading ladies. Fukada Kyoko, who plays Momoko, and Tsuchiya Anna, who plays Ichigo, are both very well-known in Japan, and also hppen to be very talented, good-looking actresses.

If you think this sounds too much like a chick flick, then you're mistaken. (Here's looking at you, boys.) Kamikaze Girls is, albeit, a little girly for some guy's tastes, but it's also hilarious, and includes several completely awesome scenes that you'll enjoy.

Make sure to stop by and watch it with us. :3

RATING: ♥♥♥♥♥