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23 August 2007 @ 02:37 pm
[ L A M B ] First meeting.  
As you might've heard broadcasted in the Daily Bulletin today, our first official meeting will be held this Friday in D-5. Miko-sensei is going to be out of town, and we aren't allowed to have official meetings (like the one we're planning) without an advisor of some sort presiding over them. Usually, we will meet in the new Japanese room - A214 - but make sure to watch the bulletins (and this site!) for regular updates, just in case.

If you've heard about the meeting tomorrow please make sure you are in attendance! We will not be watching anything, but your attendance is definitely vital to your club leaders, as we will be requesting that you all fill out the form that I've uploaded here. I will summarize the meeting in an entry here just in case you are unable to attend, but please try your best to be there. We will be discussing many things including the new AniKura! monthly newsletter (soon to be uploaded), our new system of showing animes, and be taking requests as to which series people want to see this year. We will also be talking about Club Week, potential fund raisers, and this site, among other things.

The SEPTEMBER SCHEDULE will be uploaded tomorrow, following the meeting.

See you there!
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