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17 September 2007 @ 09:34 pm
[ L A M B ] Club Week update!  
Hello there again, everyone~ (It's been a long time, huh?) I hope everyone's doing alright? School's getting harder all the time, I know. KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT, YEAH. Anyway, one of your presidents here to keep you up-to-speed as far as Club Week goes. (We definitely want to keep you posted.)

I hope everyone was able to find our table today? We'll be set up in the same place tomorrow; we're located very near the ramp leading out of the quad toward the gym. Feel free to cosplay and advertise for us. (We would much appreciate it.) Here's a list of what we'll be selling tomorrow:

Onigiri; one hundred percent homemade and healthy. They're way within the calorie limit, we guarantee it. ♥

Manga; Anime Club is currently in position of a rather ginormous bag of lightly used manga in what is pretty much mint condition. All these volumes be up for sale both today and tomorrow. We will also be selling the entire Girl Got Game series, among other manga we've had donated by club members.

Anime; so far, all that we have to sell in this particular realm of merchandise is a very nice-looking DVD of the one and only Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie. This might lead us to waiting to try and sell anime until Wednesday, when we've collected more of it, or (atleast) know for certain that no further donations will be coming in.

This leads me to my next topic - member no minasama! Please, please, please - donate to us! There is no better way to help we club administrators through Club Week than by loading us up with more free merchandise than we know what to do with. Bring in anything: lightly used manga, anime DVDs, video games, anime plushies, posters, doujinshi. Anything that you feel like handing off to us is something we can probably use. If you want to donate to us, please meet with one of our club administrators (Mari, Sam, Scarlett, or myself) before fourth period on club days to give them what you have. If you can't find them, feel free to put your donations on the table in the far side of the Japanese room (A214) - just make sure you do it before fourth period.

Please don't hesitate to cosplay and advertise! Any help you can get us is help that we need and will be grateful for. We won't need any help behind the booth, but to have you milling through the crowds, stirring up gossip of how amazingly good our food is (nudge nudge wink wink) is everything we could ever ask of you. (Big thanks to Katlyn for kicking off the week well with an InuYasha cameo appearance - you looked great!)

Additionally, play nice with other clubs. Just for the record, we are competing to outsell them, but not to beat them up or anything. They're composed of relatively good people, not unlike yourselves; even if your competitive side comes out, strive to play the better person and be kind to your fellows.

On a completely unrelated note, this book was found in the Japanese room by Miko-sensei - does it, perchance, belong to one of our members?
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