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A N I K U R A !

{anime club of mira loma}

M I R A L O M A N I M E;
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The Mira Loma Anime Club's Official Livejournal basis. (STUDENTS ONLY)

[ M I R A L O M A A N I M E C L U B ]
E V E R Y F R I D A Y. Hello and welcome to the exclusive LJ web-base of Mira Loma High School's Anime Club. If you have been mistakenly directed here, please feel free to hit the back button at the top left-hand corner of your computer screen. / This community is open to students only. Only members of the Anime Club and their supervisors may comment and post herein. All posts made here will be related to Anime Club business. Updates will be made by club leaders often with information about meetings and our current series of choise. / This page will be changed every month to coincide with the series we will be showing that month. All anime shown by and for club purposes is paid for in full, and completely legal. E V E R Y W E E K.
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